A Trip to Dubai

Sunday, May 15, 2011

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I spent six work-packed days in Kabul before flying to Dubai for three days of meetings. I managed to fit in a visit with my best friend from college (she teaches English in Abu Dhabi) and some great shopping at the Mall of Dubai.

I particularly loved visiting Kinokuniya, a massive, English-language bookstore. I think British versions of books always look nicer for some reason and I loved the lower prices on paperbacks compared to the U.S. I bought quite a few books on Afghanistan but also picked up Emma Darwin's "A Secret Alchemy" a split narrative, one strand in the present following a historian and another strand following Elizabeth Woodville, the wife of Edward IV, and her brother, Anthony. I've been reading Emma's fantastic writing blog This Itch of Writing for some time now and was excited to actually find a copy of her novel - they're not easy to find in the U.S.!

I liked Dubai a lot more than I thought I would - I think I expected a souless expanse of malls but everyone seemed to be having quite a bit of fun (and making quite a bit of money along the way!).
On the balcony of my hotel in Dubai - fresh off the plane from Afghanistan!
The same view during the day.
I visited the old part of the city by Dubai creek and enjoyed getting a glimpse of life as it's lived on the rooftops.

The best part of the trip - a 20 cent water taxi ride to the bazaar in the old city - I didn't buy anything but I had fun looking.

Next up: the Haiga Sophia, the Blue Mosque and Roman cisterns in Istanbul. Plus, how to find a used bookstore when everyone speaks Turkish!


dolleygurl said...

This looks like it was a blast! I have yet to get out of the USA but I am looking forward to it at some point. The photos are gorgeous!

Historical Fiction Notebook said...

This was actually my very first trip out of the U.S.! It was pretty crazy to take my first steps in a foreign country and be in Afghanistan - talk about culture shock!

Hope you get the chance to travel soon - I feel incredibly lucky to have had this opportunity.

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