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Saturday, March 15, 2014

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I am judging your reading habits......

I can't believe it's been a couple of weeks since I posted here. I'm having a slump reading year - anticipated books are not panning out for me and I've been starting other books and not finishing them. Looking back over the past two and a half months, I've only read thirteen books and out of those thirteen, I only have one five-star review - for Jacqueline Winspear's summer release of her first standalone novel about World War One: The Care and Management of Lies. 

I'm not entirely sure why this slump is hitting me - I've tried a couple of different approaches - getting out tons of books from the library and then returning all of them so that I've limited my choices; reading in different genres or keeping one fiction and one non-fiction book going at the same time so that I can switch back and forth. 

I know that I'll come out of it (I've been a reader for too long to think otherwise) but it's frustrating to wait it out. Any suggestions? 

In the mean time, there are good things coming down the road here on the blog - an interview with Eva Stachniak and a giveaway of her new novel about Catherine the Great that I read last year as an advance reading copy and LOVED; a post about my newfound interest in all things Byzantine and a mini-reading list to go along with that as well as a post at the end of the month after I've attended the Washington, DC Shakespeare Theatre Company's new production of Henry IV, Part One. I attended their free open rehearsal last weekend and it was loads of fun to watch the actors and directors joking, forgetting their lines and blocking out scenes. 

So stay tuned!


Audra said...

I hate the reading slump! I feel you -- have been a bit sluggish and lethargic myself, and having only been gripped by a few books -- mostly ones not on my review queue, making things more frustrating!

My standard cure for the book slump is to reread a favorite, which is usually Du Maurier's Rebecca. Just adore that book.

Looking forward to your interview with Stachniak -- I have The Winter Palace to start and Empress of the Night in my queue.

Marg said...

I normally manage to avoid reading slumps by reading a wide variety of genres. Usually that helps but every now and again I still get in a slump. I guess you can only keep trying until you find the book that will break it for you!

I've only had one 5 star read so far this year too, although I am pretty stingy with that grade. I am glad to hear that you loved the Winspear as I have that to read soon.

Historical Fiction Notebook said...

Audra: Lucky you to have both The Winter Palace AND Empress of the Night on your reading queue - can't wait to see your reviews!

Historical Fiction Notebook said...

Marg: I loved The Care and Management of Lies because it was such a different "Great War" novel - it's the opposite of an epic but feels so personal and real. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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