Review Policy

Review Policy
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The deal:
I am happy to review books sent to me – please contact me at with more information about your book.

Where it will go:

I will post reviews of accepted books on Historical Fiction Notebook and either Amazon or Shelfari. Bound copies are preferred but I have a Kindle and can accept e-galleys.

The stuff I like to read:

I’m open to historical fiction (all eras), non-fiction history in select time periods and contemporary fiction.

Time Frame:

I will coordinate posting of reviews with book release dates and will post reviews of all previously published books within one month.

Where the books end up:
I don’t sell books – my closets, shelves and cupboards can attest to that fact! ARC copies will not be sold – however, I may have book giveaways on this blog to clear room in those overstuffed closets!

The reviews:
In my day job, I’m a journalist – that means, I will treat all books fairly and do NOT guarantee positive reviews. I’m not looking to trash anyone on this blog and believe that even poorly written books can have heart and soul – my beloved Jean Plaidy being a notable example!

The disclosure:
I have chosen to review books for my own pleasure and to (hopefully) expose myself to a broader range of reading. I have no financial interest in reviewing books and would never sell my good opinion to anyone.